We offer a meticulous bathroom design service including sourcing products and materials along with oodles of inspiration for your new bathroom project, Costa Blanca and Murcia. Whatever your style, we have something to show you and if you are searching for something in particular we’d love to help make it happen.

There is often a line between practicality and doing something individual. If your heart is set on a special piece - be it a porcelain sink, a vintage mirror or a fabulous tile you have seen in a magazine  - we say, go for it! That unique piece will make your bathroom stand out and feel personal. Otherwise where is the joy? 

Cost and information.


Design is in the details!

No matter how big or small the budget for your bathroom renovation may be, it always pays to be smart with how you spend it. 

Bathroom and showering spaces take a lot of traffic and are quite often windowless and awkward rooms to design. It’s important to think carefully about how it can work for you and the people using it as much as the overall aesthetic look you want to achieve.

Investing in the right materials, fixtures and fittings along with some technical knowledge from our tradespeople will mean your new bathroom goes the distance. 

Our advice would always be to mix both high and lower end elements creatively and spend only where longevity is important to help balance your budget.

Our bathroom design works very differently from the kitchen installation we offer. We deliberately don’t use an ‘all under one roof’ service for our bathrooms. Instead we prefer to work directly with builders to install all elements separately under our coordination. This is so we have maximum choice and control in an area that often lacks imagination and functionality. 

For us to oversee your bathroom design and renovation we charge between 275€ - 400€ which covers the work listed below. This fee is payable at the beginning of your project and includes IVA. We can also undertake the work in your absence should you wish. 

From concept to completion.

Initial contact with questionnaire to see how we can help you.

Visit your property to discuss your project, get to know you and see the space.

Help you with suggestions and creative input that relate to your budget.

Supply mood boards and inspiration with links and prices for suggested items and looks. 

Arrange quotes for the work from either our recommended contractors or you can supply your own.

Licensing and permissions if needed.

Liaise with builders and any tradespeople involved.

Oversee the installation and finishing of the work.

Shopping and styling if required - the fun bit!

For purchasing items and the building work we will arrange direct payments with the relevant sources. You will always be in control so there are no surprises. 


Tight budget? Here are few tips!

  • Altering pipe work and plumbing can add sizable cost to your final bill, so it makes sense to keep the existing layout where possible and renew the fittings.

  • Taps and shower heads. The choices and designs in a chrome finish are in abundance here in Spain and the quality of fittings good. Different finishes such as rose gold, black and brass are certainly available but will cost more so it’s something to consider if the colour is unimportant to you.

  • Achieve a luxe look with tiles. Floor and wall tiles are the personality of your bathroom and make a huge impact on the design. Amazingly versatile, tiles are a great way to create a high-end look for less. Using your dream tile as a focus in the room and pairing it with something imaginatively will speak volumes without being your biggest cost. Using us to supply your tiles will furthermore shave your budget. 

  • Lighting, keep it as simple as possible. We have some imaginative ideas that won’t break the bank or be as unimaginative as a hospital toilet! 

  • We love outside the box finishing touches that help inject character and an eclectic mix into the room. Adding artwork, a bold colour or an interesting piece into the room (no matter how small) is the perfect way to put your stamp on it without being sold an expensive branded item that everyone has.

  • Before you buy anything for your new bathroom, think carefully about your top priority and spend your money there!

Bathroom spaces on the Costa Blanca can often be small and tricky so if your Spanish home is not blessed with a large space don’t despair. We’ll help you make smart choices that will both function well and look gorgeous. 


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