Mountain living

Interior design Costa Blanca

We (our daughter, four rescue dogs + the chickens and ducks) live on the edge of a national park called ‘Sierra de la Pila’ which is in the Region of Murcia - Spain. 

Our house is an old Spanish campo house (which basically means it was a kind of farmhouse for countryside folk) it had been messed about a fair bit over recent years and we are gradually making it beautiful again....

Unfortunately previous owners had installed modern windows and many partition walls. The walls created a rabbit warren of rooms that were unnecessary and also blocked a lot of light from entering the house. So slowly we have removed them and laid new flooring. The windows are a huge job financially so they are not a priority at the moment. 

The back of the house is built in to the side of a hill and therefore more cave-like at one end, this also brings fun issues to deal with, such as damp that we can do nothing about so home decor can be a slight challenge.

Adaptability is key and we have certainly made a few sacrifices to the plans we had for the interior of our home but then .... life is a journey and I absolutely love and respect the area that we live in. Bit by bit we are changing and adding features that both reflect the original build and our way of life. 

To see more of the inside of our home and the renovation journey you can find lots of photos using the Instagram link on the homepage.